Can someone explain to me what sort of recruitments logic is this?

Me after giving interview: so when can i expect to get a call back about my results?

Recruiter: within a day or two. Definitely before X.

A few weeks after X...

Me: so, any update?
Recruiter: yes. Are you available now for the next round?

Me: .... Couldn't you have said that earlier???!! (in my mind)

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    Yeah, it's standard recruiter logic. If you do choose to use them, just assume you haven't got the role and keep looking elsewhere until you hear otherwise.

    If you do hear from them at any point in the future, just treat it as a bonus. If you've already found another job by then, gladly tell them where to shove their next round.
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    they are testing you if you're patient enough while staying oriented to the goal (which they assume is the employment)
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    One does not simply put word 'logic' in the same sentence with word 'recruitment'

    To the recruiter you are just item in the store. You want to get on the shelf, they will get you on the one and will be paid for it

    It doesn't really matter which store or what price tag you will have or how the people will treat you as long as they can ship you

    I had conversations with dozens of recruiters over the years and had only 1 positive experience where recruiter was actually had human to human relationship with me so I didn't felt like an object to be sold in 'first come, first served' setup

    I am still in contact with him and he's the only recruiter I respect so far. I am not douche so I give a chance to establish normal human connection with ones that contact me but majority of them fails miserably as if they do not understand that we are humans too and not things that should be sold to companies

    I would be glad to recommend the guy through the PMs, but still not having them on devrant
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    "I came across your profile and it looks amazing, are you available for an interview for [technology x] as a senior developer?"

    "Oh cool, where on my profile did you read I have experience with [technology x]?"

    Silence is golden.
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    Reminds me of relationships..
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