Cadence beyaaach

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    Look at this guy and all the sex he's having
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    174 bpm? 😬
    your heart is going to tear itself apart
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    @jespersh 208 sperm per minute
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    Running is bad for your knees “in the long run”.
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    When you flex, but then realise it's only been 5 minutes spanking the monkey.

    208 spanks per minute, you need to work on that.
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    @heyheni my regular running heart rate was like 200bpm before I lost some weight
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    Your heart's condition when you're in your 30s is due to what you did in your teens. My resting pulse for example is 50-60 and in my teens i played handball and football 4 times a week. Had way too much energy.
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    @jespersh really? I usually control my heart rate when I run and I try not to raise it too high
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