Nothing makes a dev happier than some new toys for Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone

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    Ohhh the kana kit. I’ve got same. Some cool applications
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    Why aren't they blinking yet
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    Very cool! We have that set too!!!! 🌲🎄❤️🤪🎁
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    Now make the most advanced sex toy!
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    @Cyanide Already done, it's called a @rutee07
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    @Jilano Stop selling me! It's supposed to be the other way around.
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    @rutee07 Well, you hadn't I get there before *shrugs*

    Also, I need to send you a pic
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    Oh I've got that as well! There's some really amazing stuff in there.
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    How's that called? Seems interesting
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    I see you're using an Raspberry. Do you prefer it above arduino? But cool stuff, great hobby.
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    @Tonnoman0909 it's a raspberry, but there are many things you can use. If you want to go iot: particle is a great one. I'm talking about the chip you're seeing.

    The hardware stuff you can find by searching 'Arduino starter kit'. It's a great hobby, a lot of tools for funny prices: https://m.banggood.com/nl/...

    Wow. That URL..
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    @rooter thanks, i know about the rasp (I've got one) was mostly interested in some of the other hardware ,will definitely check it out!
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    @rooter Yeah I prefer Pi, mostly because I’m not too familiar with c++ and because I like how the Pi uses a full Linux OS.

    However, I’ve only ever used Arduinos briefly for a compsci project, and I’ve used Pis extensively for everything from web servers to robots, so maybe it’s just familiarity bias
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    @Jilano What pic?
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    @10Dev ah cool! Tnx for answer. I love pi's too, but only did electronics with arduino. That's why I as.

    When it comes to c, arduino has a easier version. Nothing to worry about.

    This is cool atuff: https://www.particle.io/

    It works with decorators on methods. You could write function 'Open Door' and 'Close door' and the decorator exposes it to Internet. A friend works with it as hobby.

    What are your plans with the current toys?
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    @rutee07 Oh, I forgot, sorry! I'll post it in 15ish where it belongs
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    @rooter that particle thing looks pretty cool.

    And honestly, no real plans for the toys. Maybe some home automation stuff, maybe a robot, we’ll see
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