Developers nowadays.😐

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    No clue why the js tag it's there. Expected Go and "programming languages nowadays"...

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    When I programmed in C, I never used for loops. All while loops for me. Then I switched to Python and JavaScript. Iterators I guess
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    At work one of my pull request was literally denied because I used a do while loop (to terminate it if desired state was reached) instead of a map or forEach... They said it's more "functional programing" that way. The worst thing is one of them is the CTO of the client company and the project owner
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    I would NEVER use a while loop.


    Fuckin while ass shit. Compare your fucking iterator after you run like a normal fucking loop, you're drunk.
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    No for-loops are for noobs I just use maps😉
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    foreach it is for me most of the time
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