Clients are dumb, whiny idiots.

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    Stop whining, idiot
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    @ScriptCoded And you're muted.
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    some are. but not all. in my experience there are often issues in communication and documentation.
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    There are a *lot* of painfully stupid clients who think they know what they want, and pay for validation of their ideas more than delivery. Those are the worst.
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    @SortOfTested that sounds bad oO never had such an experience in the last decade. hope it stays like that :D
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    Quote from an email I sent a day ago to a high school friend whom I email daily, "(I just had a rather amusing thought about a resume. Next the dates of employment and employer's name, under job duties simply put, "Mollycoddling and acting as enabler, counselor, mother-hen, doctor of alternative medicine. And dealing with one asshole after another." Under reason for leaving: resignation in lieu of grievous bodily harm, possibly resulting in murder.)"
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    Yes they are. Incompetent QA, however, are destructive.
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    @nebula I definitely agree on that, especially with those who type like they're still in high school and the e-mail thread is a fraternity café.
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    @3rdWorldPoison This is correct.
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