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    I don’t get it...
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    Low effort
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    @bagfox can you help me interpret? I’m too wasted
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    ! in English is kinda childish. If you're really good at English, it is your stylistic devices and words the ones that will emphasize what you are saying, not putting a million !!!

    (My own addition)
    !important in CSS has a reputation for being an amateur way of enforcing the style (tho tbh it's useful). I can be solved with correct inheritance or the order of classes.

    ! in most programming languages is the NOT operator, which is actually useful. However, it's still pretty simple.

    ! in math is the factorial, which is a hard operation with O(n) complexity. Also, it's used some definitions of "e" and the trigonometric functions, which are the basis of real analysis. So, pretty cool
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    I'm so glad it's tagged with python... Buzzword bingo gets no vote from me.
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    English: Zero is a valid value!

    Programming: 0 != NULL

    Math: 0! = 1
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    Still don’t get it
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