spotify webplayer you're a piece of shit (ublock origin is bae for helping block ads though) that can't recognize i'm online, this is why i'm going back to youtube and searching for random songs i want to listen to

your help articles are also a piece of shit

i can't afford (don't want to pay) premium so i ain't paying for that shit either

if i had the skills and an offer for spotify i'd still take it though

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    I've found almost every streaming service app and website to be ... horrific.

    Outside the play button, everything seems counter intuitive and what the back button does ... seems to be pretty random site to site or app to app.

    Like play a playlist, go hunting through albums or other play lists and ... who knows what that back button will do.
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    I mean if you don't pay premium, why should they bother?
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    @KDSBest funny part is some of their paying customers run into this

    Clearing cache didn't work, gave up and tried a different browser, and it worked :shrug:
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