That nice feeling, when your laptop battery has 10% of charge left and you *know* you still have a good half an hour to do whatever you're doing before you have to worry about it.

You're more likely to finish your task than run out of juice.

This brings all kinds of satisfactory feelings 😌

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    Meanwhile, my laptop suddenly shuts down on 15% while saying it still has about 45 minutes...
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    Could possibly be a power profile setting. I vaguely remember something about 15% and hibernate. But then again, my old laptop also loved to die on me while it didn't need to.
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    Battery should not be discharged all the way to zero.
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    You're lucky! My laptop's battery jumps to 5% charge right after it reaches 10%
    it's an issue I know but it's annoying af!
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    @iiii it's not bad to let li-ion go to 0% because it's not actually empty at that point. What you shouldn't do is store it at 0% because in that case the voltage may decrease beyond safe limits.
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