I created a white noise app called Ambie that plays sounds to help you focus, relax, or meditate. You can also download more from the sound catalogue in the app, which is powered by Azure. Free, no ads, open source. Try it out: https://jenius-apps.github.io/ambie...

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    As much as I love the idea and would love to use it while I work, I work with linux so unfortunately this is not available to a chunk of this community that does the same :(
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    @alcatraz627 thanks for the comment. I'm unsure what you mean by the linux portion. Do you think I should delete my post because it's not linux focused?
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    @Kidjenius nope, as in this is windows only software, a large portion of the community uses *nix based OS's.

    But as the windows user in the room, this is cool in its self for people wanting to chill out.
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    @C0D4 cool let me know if you have any feedback 🙂
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