I bet I'm the only one that reads spaghetti PHP better than whatever python script

I fucking hate all those ":" around the code.

Note: I don't want to start a war over which is better, they both get the job done in their way.
Also, none really will change its mind anyway, so just don't start a war, please?

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    Vim is better than Emacs! Wait, am I in the right room?
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    You are not alone, well unless you actually ment the spaghetti. I find python crappy to read in a lot of cases. Not using it on daily bases but if I'm using it for a while my brain switches and it reads like normal. Never liked the kwargs though but with PHP 8 we are going to get it there too I'm afraid.

    Most PHP code I work with us if really high quality and use type hints the PSR's etc so it's tough to compete with.
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    Yeah it's a bit weird how much they liked the colon but not the semicolon
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    Of all the things to complain about Python, the colon is the last thing. It's the one syntactic element they used user testing to decide upon.


    Also, the semicolon is redundant information. Eevee discussed it briefly in her blog about redesigning C.


    You're used to it, and that's okay. But empirically, there could be better ways of doing it. You might have to get used to them, but less information to visually parse reduces cognitive load when reading source code.

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    @rooter don't you mean good colon
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