[INTERVIEW] Can you say what this DP approach is doing?

Get the answer: https://iq.opengenus.org/number-wit...

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    Fucking wirh your brain and break your code in less than a year
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    Fail at code review :)
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    No. I don't do double penetrations as I believe this violates the EULA of body orifices.
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    Likely generate out of bounds errors when i < 2?
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    I looked at the explanation. Why is this useful? What class of problems does this solve?
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    @Demolishun as it states, its useful in some optimization problems.

    I would guess that algorithms that look at the optimal way to put boxes in containers to minimize dead space is similar to this problem.

    And if you using something like this can save one in every 50 containers, that could be a hell of lot of money.

    Or component positioning on computer chip, if you could add e few percent extra transistors.
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