I'am trying to monetize my vuejs app

But google is telling me that there is no content inside my website

And of course there is no content because vuejs render engine compress everything in JavaScript

What the hell is this?😠😨😨😨.

So should i conclude that frameworks app cannot be monetize?

Please tell me no

So how can i monetize it?

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    @rooter npm

    Cli version
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    Define monetize? Google doesn't run scripts on the page when they crawl sites last I checked, which means you have to detect when a visitor is a spider and spit out the content directly instead of the SPA.
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    npm fund go brr
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    @junon OP's monetisation is obvious:
    Web app + Google = Ads

    @Afrographics Yes it's quite a pain when monetizing a SPA application with Google Ads because the ad script in most cases is loaded before the page is rendered.

    -- Solution 1
    Because Google uses document.write() inside of the AdSense script. document.write() only works during page creation, and by the time the asynchronously loaded script executes, page creation will have already completed.

    To make this work, you'll need to overwrite document.write() so when the AdSense script calls it, you can manipulate the DOM yourself.
    See https://stackoverflow.com/a/...

    -- Solution 2
    Someone already created a vue component that works well with Google Adsense implementation.
    See https://github.com/darrynten/...
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    try to rewrite everything in Angular
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    I think you may need to add server side static rendering for SEO. Please Google this.
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