Forbes has, by far, the shittiest and most user-unfriendly website I've ever gone to, in this gigantic clusterfuck we call the Internet. I honestly don't understand how they felt their site design is OK. Fuck their dev team manager.

Let's run down some of its worst offenses, shall we? FORCED ANTI-ADBLOCK, shitton of ads (some of which are extremely invasive and dangerous), autoplaying sidebar video WITH SOUND ON, that fucking social sidebar & collapsed navigation, and their mind-bogglingly irrelevant, frustratingly obnoxious, & totally pointless Quote of the Day, which itself has ads and A FORCED COUNTDOWN to go to the fucking article you went there to read to begin with.

The articles themselves on Forbes are solid, so why do they have to ruin it with this shit? I will never go to a Forbes link again. No article is worth facing their torture chamber.

TLDR: Fuck you Forbes, your site is absolutely the shittiest on the entire web (which is quite a feat).

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    It's fucking shite.
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    I don't get it. I have UBlock running on forbes at full force, all adds are filtered out, no countdowns, no sidebars, no nonsence. Clean text with photos, that's all I see, just like on any other site.
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    @Ghosty interesting! Might switch from Adblock to Ublock just for that...
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    I thought sites that automatically play videos were illegalized?
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    I know ads pay their bills, bu I automatically close those sites with forced anti ad-block
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    Fortune.com is the most unfortunate one in this whole thing. I sometimes look at a fortune.com website link and pass, mistaking it for a Forbes.com link.
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    I never make it past the quote since it tells me to disable AdBlock and I'm like "oh yeah, they hate intelligent readers." And I look for whatever I wanted elsewhere.
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    I don't know if it's legal or not, but one can build a web crawler to just get the important stuff out and spit them on your local machine.

    But yeah, who cares anyway!
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    @curlmudgeon Forgot to mention - I also have NoScript blocking everything on forbes, except for forbes.com and forbesimg.com. I suppose this way adblock should be working as well.
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    Good rant!
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    @Ghosty I hate to be mean but I would rather see them die (or the people responsible for this madness to be fired) than patronize them with traffic. They are not just one of the bad websites, they are THE worst, if you multiply their brand value times the amount of evil things they do to their readers
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    I guess I'm in the minority as I like their quote of the day 😞[whimpers in shame back to Hallmark card section of CVS]
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    Ever used JIRA?
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    Just went to forbes to see how bad it is
    Aaaaand its one of the worst websites that I've visited so far...

    A tip for anyone going there, use the stylish plug in, an adblocker and with the help of stylish insert this:
    Div# app {
    Display: none;
    Your left with a blurred screen with I didn't bother trying to get away

    And now back to never visiting that website
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    @BellAppLab No, what is that?
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    @Ghosty So you don't think Ublock alone is obscure enough to bypass their anti-adblock? Also considering your name, have you ever tried the Ghostery extension? :D
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    @Yawks I'm not sure about illegal, but I think I recall hearing about how web crawlers like Google will derank sites that use them in their search results. Also is illegalized even a word? O.0
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    @volaski @Koolstr I don't think that ublock alone is sufficient. I just disable JS in general and allow it only for trusted websites. NoScript for FF is convenient for this purpose.
    Internet is a dangerous place, one must use cond... err, protection. I ment protection.
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    I installed ublock and ghostery because i basically wanted to know more about them, don't know why.
    Also I tested unlock on forbes, i can confirm that unlock is my new adblocker

    I don't really know anything about ghostery yet, I'll look. Into it, maybe tomorrow... Or something
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    @aile11 Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I'll be trying it out now myself.
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    Ublock seems like a nice adblocker
    Also ghostery blocks adtrackers, I'll be using that one too
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    @Koolstr You missed it. Huh. And you know English isn't everyone's first language. Maybe not!
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    well, today, sites that need commercials and are 'professional', righteous underperform.
    Those companies choke on understanding the core of mid to long term economics and value.
    OR simply do not care a dime about their customers.

    The very only scenario I'd accept commercials is social sectors, because there - and only - money is really tight for the greater goal.

    But if it's for fat bosses and their sports cars. Holla they're cockroaching
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    Shhh,.. It's ok.
    Diversity is .. beautiful I guess
    Man. We're on the neds. Got all kind of taste. I am 30+ and watch cartoons
    Friends of mine still party as if they were 17
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    @BellAppLab what's up with Jira?
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    @Koolstr It's Atlassian's project management tool.

    @krlooss I find it one of the most convoluted pieces of software ever written. It doesn't manage complexity, it only feeds the fire. It doesn't separate signal from noise, it only produces more gibberish.

    You have tags, stories, labels, components, versions, sprints, builds and much more! But with no hierarchy of information. So anything can mean whatever you want. It's highly customisable, but if you don't customise it, it vomits all this data in your face, making it nearly impossible to find the stuff you want. Unless, of course, you know JQL, a SQL-like query syntax that filters things for you. Well, thank you very much, but if I have to learn a new query syntax to get shit out of the system, I may as well just dump my rubbish into a database and worry about getting it back later. Oh, but the layperson doesn't understand databases. Well, they don't understand components, versions, labels and tags either [cont...]
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    [cont...] Ever heard of normalisation? Yeah, it's that thing you have to do once you let people use their fat, greasy fingers to categorise information.

    It's a system designed to be used by other systems, not people.
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    I can't say that their articles so great
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