Bootstrap is a bleesing for people with close to no artistic/design skills, like me. 😊

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    But bad for designers because then our work is less appreciated by "simple" clients 😂
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    And a curse for the person who inherits your code.
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    @FearMediocrity how is it a curse? It's clean code
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    I can't seem to get a grasp on the grid system and any tutorial or video is doing a way too fast overview every time. Anybody have some recommendations on getting a grasp on the damn grid system?
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    @W1ckeD, a container contains rows. A row contains columns. (container)

    You can have as many columns in a row as you want.

    Visually, you can have 12 columns in a line, then it will wrap to the next line.

    A column can define how many column spaces it takes up.

    A column is defined in this style:
    col-(screen size)-(column width).

    It can also say how many column spaces come before it.
    col-(screen size)-offset-(column width).

    The screen size can be any one of xs, sm, md or lg.
    "col-xs-12 col-md-6" means "take up 12 columns on a really small screen (phone), and 6 columns on a medium sized screen (tablet).

    Hope this helped you
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    My client hates how our bootstrap site looks

    But he also hated the wp theme he picked out and then never used the site
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    I manage to make an ugly design even with bootstrap. Trust me I'm a (backend) programmer.
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    As a designer, also front-end and WP dev, i only using bootstrap for complex design layou variation. Something like if you have options to change footer widget column, or sidebar position, Or content column. And i only take the grid system. If its just simple responsive site with no variation layout, i prefer using percentage stuff and media query handcoded.
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    @liammartens Why do you think it's called 'Bootstrap'? And not 'Shoelace'?😉
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