I don’t think I will ever be able to get used to this style of arrow-keys.

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    Don't worry, it's not you. It's them. They are shit.
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    Yea they are terrible.
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    This is the keyboard layout my old laptop had. I absolutely loved it but you can't find keyboard like this anywhere now...
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    @Scade Too bad that “they” means every fucking company.
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    @Scade well at least "they" have fixed keyboard issues by rolling back design changes.. after a few years.
    Yay fruity yay
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    They’re okay.
    Certainly not great.
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    @Cyanide My Aura 15 doesn't have such crap arrow keys - bought it a few weeks ago.
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    Find a way to map something like CapsLock+IJKL as arrow keys. Since I've done that some years ago, I can't go without these bindings.
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    I can do without arrow keys.

    I can't use laptop keyboards anymore, not enough key travel, after using it for 15 minutes it literally makes me feel ill -- wrist and shoulder pain, which in turn makes me feel nauseated.

    My preference: Cherry Brown switches. PBT doubleshot keycaps. DSA profile (spherical instead of cylindrical top).
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    That shit is everywhere
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    well... i adore my thingy but *this* ist just terrible
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    @respex What are those? Alternative layouts that might fit in the place of a standard laptop keyboard?
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    I swear the people who designed this have no fingers
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    Not sure what's worse, Apple thinking this was a good thing, or everyone else copying it because "apple did it so we should too."
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    With the new macbook pro you can get carpaltunnel only $999
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    @kamen yeah, looks like those are. I like that the dim and lit buttons actually work.
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    Whoever the fuck thought changing keyboard layouts is okay should be hanged in public. I fucking hate when i change computers i have to get used to the new keyboard everytime for some 2 weeks.

    My new laptop has an extra problem, the trackpad is so large that i cant type a single sentence without my palms touching it, which changes the position of the keyboard cursor to some random place in the screen. Absolutely drives me crazy.

    It is surprising how little usability testing goes behind keyboard usage.
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    @purist The Synaptics driver is pretty functional, IIRC it had some sort of palm detection so that it doesn't do that. I think 95% (or more) of laptops are with a Synaptics touchpad, but might fall back to the basic OS driver if nothing else is installed, so check that.

    As for the keyboard - yeah, it sucks when each manufacturer does their own thing, especially for important keys; IBM/Lenovo for example insist on Thinkpads having the Fn crammed between Ctrl and Win, resulting in all the keys there being smaller than usual (even if you can swap Ctrl and Fn, it's still not perfect). I wish hardware programmable keyboards in laptops were more common (and as far as I know, only System76 does that as of now).

    A rather radical solution is to just use an external keyboard that you can bring with you. I've seen people use small split keyboards that can fit on top of the laptop.
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    @kamen i ll look into that synaptics driver.. it is driving me crazy.. also i use linux, i dont know how big of a problem that ll be.
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    @kamen Wow.. i should rant all my problems in devrant hereafter i think. Getting solutions faster than i imagined here..

    A lot of googling didnt help. Synaptic driver seems to work. Lets see if it works in remote also..
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