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    I love both
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    Try build a robust eshop in node.js 😂
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    slow; yup.
    bad; blame the juniors.
    hated; ^
    complicated; waitwutnow..?
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    Nodejs may be fast, but not when it comes to debugging I assure you!
    Python makes best of all worlds. Python ftw!
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    @Artemix while juniors do have a tendency to make non-optimal code, PHP itself is quite a bit further awatly from machine code than something like C++ and therefore is 'slow' in comparison.
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    @Artemix havent heard of it yet, but will check it out later, thanks! :)
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    @kalippu PHP7 is a lot faster than 5, but can still be considered slow in comparison to C++.

    Im a PHP dev myself and now starting to regret the joke i was trying to make >.<
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    @mtcool112 same here. Love them both
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    @Artemix benchmarks I've seen have NodeJS just below C++ for performance. I thought it was a big joke before I saw the benchmarks.

    Phalcon is cool - we used to use it a lot. Problem is though, our motivation for using PHP is that it tends to run on whatever hosting the client already has. If we have to install an extension then it negates that.

    If you want a framework that keeps out of your way, Phalcon is a good choice.

    There was an effort to introduce pure PHP Phalcon framework for this reason (ie choice) but it was abandoned.
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