Would you merge this shit into your project?

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    No... I'm not risking the master branch...
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    fuck yeah merge it
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    "uh I can't hear you I'm going through a tunnel!"

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    If it has automated tests included, for sure.
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    If it works, fuck it๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผ
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    hell no, you merge one and before you know it your project becomes some kind of weeaboo spawning ground.
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    If it works, and it’s actually improving something then yeah sure why the hell not?
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    @Earu you don't wanna encourage these people
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    @AmbientTea yeah I guess you're right, might accidentally open a portal to the anime world... Best not to risk it
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    I'm on the "if it works sure" side
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    Agreed, there's more to it than 'this code technically works'.

    Need some reasonable communication and encouraging making PRs into jokes on a regular basis for something that ... isn't a joke, bad idea IMO.
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    I think one joke or meme PR as long as it’s not all of them is ok. And as long as the addition is worth it, to me it out-values the potential “decrease in credibility”/“encouraging bad behavior”/whatever you want to call that
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    For those who are against making jokes on repos: Python is full of them

    import this
    imoort antigravity
    from __future__ import braces


    It's even named after a comedian, Monty Python

    This joke might be of a "weird" taste to you, but that's just you. If you advocate against this joke in this repo, you must also advocate against the jokes in Python
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    @eo2875 I do advocate against the jokes in Python as well, I think they're awful
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    Well, does it work? Could be dealing with some kind of genius
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    @rant1ng anime programming loli? I would probably watch that if it was an anime.
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    @OmerFlame I hate to say it but I'd probably watch that too๐Ÿ˜‚
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