I got fired.

Worst job I ever had, they extended my probation period, called me "over maintenance", said my work was good but not good enough for the effort, If I take a lot of care doing my work then it's "over preparation", if not good enough then it's "not detailed enough", I don't ask enough questions? I must be unmotivated, I ask too many? I take up too much of other people's time.

Fuck them all. I hope they get a taste of their own medicine.

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    Sounds like manager was a dick then. Sorry dude. I hope you find something better... fuck that, something stellar! You got this!
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    I think thats a promotion. Because having a job like this worse than not having one. I hope you find new one quickly. Good hunting!
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    Congrats on the promotion, dude
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    @hack yeah honestly I feel relieved about no longer having to deal with these assholes, it's better that way.
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    @Demolishun Thank you so much, I feel a lot better now, hurt me a little at the beginning as this never happened to me before, but hopefully things will get better from here.
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    @thirdworld Make sure you self reflect without beating yourself up. If possible ask your previous manager how you could improve. If he was just a dick fine. The way he talked seemed like he was justifying a decision. Ask other people you worked with for any insight. Learn what you can. People around you might point out any "quirks".

    I once worked for a computer shop that was sketchy as hell. The people they hired were practically criminal. I got fired (laid off) partly because I was less sketchy than them. That is what I learned from that place.
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    funny, my boss is still in the process of trying to explain to me that I can calm down and don't have to rush because budget's been allocated already and if i go under it, it's just gonna cause complications that nobody wants.

    and also that I don't have to stress about the shit code because it's a shit 10year old app and nobody really cares that much.
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    Sorry, man. You’ll find something better
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    Let me guess: a FAANG or FAANG-wannabe company?
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    Impact, that management is looking for , cmiiw
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