I'll get to my four words in a sec, but let me set the background first.

This morning, at breakfast, I fired up my trusty laptop only to get a fan failure warning.

Finally, after the three year old is asleep tonight, I'm able to start dismantling the case to get to the fan. I'm hoping it just needs cleaned out.

Hard drive, memory, and keyboard spread out over the kitchen table. I'm not even halfway done.

Guess what? Now I'm one of the lucky 3500 people to have a power outage at 9 pm. Estimated restore time: 2 am.


"All those tiny screws"

And a three year old in the house...

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    "describe in 4 words"

    You had one job.
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    "screw it"

    I see what you did there 😉
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    In 4 words .. You are so screwed
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    "It is knocked up"
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    Let me guess, thats a hp
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    @RazorSh4rk Yep. "Let's make the only moving part, the one most likely to go bad first, the deepest in and hardest to get to."
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    Nah, more like "lol fans are for losers, lets build in the cheapest we can find"

    I had 3 hp laptops, all had the same problem
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    I'm proud of this one. It's 5-7 years old (can't really remember) and this is the first time I've had to crack it open for anything but a memory upgrade early on. It's survived Windows 10, coming straight from Windows 7. The thing's a beast!
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    Mine's pretty good too.
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    Hp's really aren't so bad as much as they are loud and hot. Otherwise a good bang for the buck and usually upgrading is a breeze
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    @cankarales I'd like to get a good bang for a buck... 🙀 #foreveralone
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    @Koolstr i see what you did there :)
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    @Koolstr Loud and hot should've figured into your comment somehow, too
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    @jallman112 darn good call, can't believe I missed that beautiful opportunity... :/
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    @cankarales and I see what YOU did there with your "I see what you did there." 👍
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    @Koolstr all the ideas i had had had had no apparent effect on the outcome of this brief conversation
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    @cankarales Crazy how "had had had" is actually valid grammar. The English language is weird.
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    @Koolstr you forgot one 'had'. Double past perfect (i think)
    I just love this kind of language anomalies :)
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