What kind of project sizes do you prefer and why? Big one, lasting year(s), or smaller ones, in range of months?

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    All else being equal smaller ones. But I'd prefer a big, well organised & structured over a haphazard smaller one any day.
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    I treat all projects equally bad.
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    Big ones, like 8 inches and above.
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    I prefer one weekend projects. My flaw is that i start over-enginering every time.

    MVP should become my thing.

    The only thing i like about micro services is that they are easier to complete. Besides that - fuck them too :)
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    sorry, I think I like the Big ones, lasting little time.

    Think about robbing a bank vs pickpocketing in the crowd.
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    @rutee07 A big project for a big boy, I see
    It takes some preparation to avoid any awful experience, though.
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    Smaller is better, since you might get to finish it before you die !

    I think my longest project I started in 1986..

    That's how long ago..

    Actually, I started one longer ago than that, in 1970 !

    I might be finished in 6 months time. :-)

    But then, I said that 6 months ago..
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    I remember management gave me a database project to do, they reckoned would keep me out of their hair for 3 months..

    30 minutes later, I'd finished it. :-)

    And I even got special permission to bring in my own keyboard !

    Yes, security did check my paperwork. :-)

    "Oi, why you leaving the building with one of our keyboards !"..
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    I remember a number crunching project I refactored so it only took 2 hours, instead of all day.

    The rest of the day I was playing computer games when a surprise inspection happened.

    I pointed out I'd done all the work assigned to me for that day, and I was even playing on my own computer !

    I had to bring in my own computer, since the company didn't have their own...

    No disaplinery action for me. :-)

    Everyone else thought I'd be for the chop !
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    Big projects, small pieces.

    I've really gotten into developing code as (npm/composer/cargo/cabal/etc) packages.

    Spend two days writing an API SDK for example. Write readme/docs, set up a simple CI, publish on package registry. In a private repo if it's specific to our business -- but I also write public & MIT licensed packages very often.

    Let other coworkers glue it together, but still get the satisfaction of contributing on a larger project in the long term.
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