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    BTW may someone explain how those captcha work?
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    @kamnikaz it verify your genetic mak, if you have human genetic mark it then let you pass but if it finds any robotic genetic marks it will not let you pass. It's 100% bio and no js is used in the process..
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    @kamnikaz I think it's got something to do with complicating the process of making the bot. The technology might not have a tab stop or whatever, and the person will wait for it to appear on their screen while most bots wouldn't, etc. I don't think it's meant as a 100% effort, just an effective complication.
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    @starless I dunno. For me, it verifies when I move the mouse.
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    "Fuck" - you mean "bleep bloop"?
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    @kamnikaz it uses your browsing history that Google has stored to see if youve been doing anything weird. If you are logged in to google then it helps them even more. It also checks your IP address to see if it's been doing anything odd and finally it checks your mouse movements to see if they are human like. Also checks click duration etc
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    @kamnikaz on mobile it mainly used the history and ip
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    Ok now I'm actually curious as to how it works.. you just tick the box and then it magically knows you're human!

    Although sometimes it's unsure so it asks you to find photos of trees or shop fronts etc...

    Oh god am I a cylon
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    I've heard it also uses mouse tracking to determine if you're human. A robot would just immediately and effectively click an element. A human would move it's mouse in a not so straight line and wouldn't click the perfect centre so fast etc.

    There are actually quite a few tricks behind it I believe
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