Oh now that I'm remembering, this is how I learned PHP. It's not my specialty, but I'm writing a small plugin for WordPress.

I was in a dinner with my partner's family. One of their parent's siblings manages the IT in their company, and we had this conversation:

family member: So what language do you know?

Me: A bit of C and C++, and I did a project last year in Java/Kotlin. But my current project uses mostly Python.

Family Member: Oh Python? But Python is a very easy language, even I could learn pretty quickly. That's why we don't use it in my company. We use PHP.

Challenge accepted!

Within a week I was able to learn PHP and some basic templating library, and replicated most their company's website into a new server.

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    Casually gloss over C and C++, arguably much harder languages than php
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    I like the implication that the reason a language is used is because it's harder to use than others.
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    @ars1 Yeah i was gonna say... that's not really how how you should choose your tech stack :P
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    oh most definitely. At work all of our web services are written in C, whe still use your run of the mill abyss or horror that cgi is, and our little bitches use cpp because they can't be bothered with understanding how to fuck around with structs and would much rather use claSSeS like lil pussys.

    All of our html and css is encoded in strings and our servers have constant crashes due to poorly handled memory allocations....BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE MOMMA DIDN'T RAISE NO BITCH

    "it's ToO eASy" fking stupid ass logic
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    That argument really makes no sense to me, "it's easy so we don't use it." You don't want to use something EASY? You'd prefer to ram a ton of bricks up your ass and use something that's DIFFICULT?

    By the way I'm not saying PHP is difficult. I'm just flabbergasted that someone would actually prefer to make life difficult for himself. On purpose.
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