i’m so tired of people who are developers that go to every new popular social media platform and try to teach others to code. god fucking dammit. what could possibly going through these people’s minds? do they really think people who want to learn to code think “i want to learn to code so bad. i should scroll mindlessly through instagram/tiktok until i find someone teaching how to code”?

god, if you’d ever uploaded code to tiktok or instagram to teach others to code, you’re a fucking idiot.

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    idiots in question:


    @typehouse on tiktok

    and, come to think of it, too many idiots for devRant’s database to handle
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    I'm guilty of this, but it's marketing for code courses I sell. And it's only through my company's profile - not something I would post on my personal profile.

    Where else would you suggest such free marketing for this? A blog can only get you organically so far.
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    @fullstackchris no no, i’m talking about those who try to post a course/tutorial to instagram or tiktok, not advertising for a course elsewhere
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    @calmyourtities ah, ok. yeah thats probably the worst possible platform ever for such content smh
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