Sometimes I wish I was a cow, eating grass in some field

No more code
No more stress
Just moo

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    And you’d probably taste really good. All gras fed and stuff..
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    Moo spelled backwards is Oom!
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    10/10 would eat you dry aged
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    This, but with crows instead of cows. See a bunny, realize you hate bunnies so much, pull their tail until they leave. Living the dream.
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    Sometimes I wish I was my cat. All of the above + you are admired for doing literally nothing, eating and sleeping all day. 😂
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    Yep, everyone wants to own a slave who does all the work for him. But Sadly, only cats and drug lords may actually own one...
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    you would be a typical Cow you would not be on a field. Most likely, you will be:

    - Torn apart from you mother, right after your birth.

    - Be inside a factory, standing in your own shit.

    - Be impregnated when you are 1 year old (that is at about 1/30 of your natural lifespan), in the way that a member of a other species puts their fist in your anus and a tube in your vagina.

    - After you gave birth, your baby will be taken away from you and probably be killed. No one cares how you feel about it.

    - That cycle repeats about 5 times.

    - Then you are put in a house where many of your kind are killed, 100's per day. Somebody will shoot a bolt in your head, maybe misses 1-2 times before you get killed and sold as pieces for 5$ per piece, labeled as "Happy Animal Meat, Free range".

    Not so great when you think about it
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    ...in India.
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    @Demolishun ayoo india mei cows eat plastic.
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    Reject humanity
    Return to monke
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