And once again, Ikea has saved me a bunch of money!

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    Oh, UniFi, cool! How is it?
    We just bought some a bunch of stuff from them last week. So I would gladly hear of any experience you madeπŸ™‚
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    @vringar I love it. It makes a great entry point to enterprise networking without the steep curve of for instance the Cisco systems.

    However, it's kind of a pain to have to deal with the cloud key if you move around the servers a lot. I broke my usb power port so I had to get a PoE adapter for it.

    If you have a small spare server it might be worth simply setting it up on there. I haven't tried a raspberry pi.

    Also, having one point of entry also means you have one point of failure. You MUST keep backups of the unify controller or you will be locked out of your network until you do a factory reset.

    TLDR: Simple to use but still enterprise grade hardware. Make backups and be careful with credentials. There's a lot of em.
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    @ChappIO thank you very much.
    I just yesterday got myself an Amazon aws account so we will probably host the controller there.
    As for credentials, I will try to keep that in mind for when we migrate to a proper server.
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    Is it water cooled? Why is it in your laundry room? Great use of the furniture though πŸ˜‚
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    @siljamicke Because it makes noise and I don't have a spare room to put it in haha. Also, my laundry room is right next to the entry point for the Internet connection.
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    @ChappIO haha, I guess you can do some serious server side input sanitation in there...
    Sorry couldn't resist πŸ˜’
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    @siljamicke *badum tsss*
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    u have a fucking server in your cellar? :D
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    @gedankennebel laundry room but yea
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    Dev goals! *_*
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    That is an awesome lookin' setup. I demand specs! OP plz
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    @tyalt1 haha the server isn't something special just yet. I moved into this place a few months ago so I am still building up. But here goes:

    Router: Ubiquity USG Pro
    Switch: Ubiquity Unifi switch 24

    CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T
    MB: Asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0
    Ram: 20GB Mix-n-Match ddr3
    Storage: Samsung EVO 850 1TB
    Case: https://www.devrant.io/rants/210578

    I plan on building a decent server with actual server components and a lot more memory since I am running short pretty often.
    After I do this, the server I have now will become a gateway server. (DNS, Proxy, ssh tunnels, jenkins master, etc) and the new server will do the heavy lifting.
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    Nice work. Looks very cool.
    But can't stop myself from picturing the leak accidents in 'Final Destination'
    Stay alert with that water inlet :-)
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    You have Samsung washer. I'm worried about Your gear.
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    Great idea!

    Connect the washing machine input to a pipe that cools the equipment :)
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    @jamesh haha I'll take a pass on that one.
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    Goog idea but what happends if the washer fails and leaks?:-)
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    @gdb123 If it sprays I have a problem. If it drips there is a container underneath it to catch all the water
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    I feel like this is some kind of 90's sitcom about a hacker who launders money... And clothes.

    How will he keep his zany life balanced?!
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    Hey guys, I am new to these things, I am mostly a software guy trying to get into hardware through raspberry pi. But why do people have a server running in their homes? What kind of applications is it used for?
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    @troopy712139 I mostly do expriments like datamining but most people use them for backups or NAS.

    With a raspberry pi it's fun to play around with media boxes or pi hole. Just to learn new things.
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    Just... Wow
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    Omg that's amazing.
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    @oscylo lol yeaaaaaaah. That's the most likely thing to catch fire in that room.

    After seeing their Galaxy 7s start on fire, can you imagine how big of a fire that fridge with the gigantic built in cell phone would make? WMD
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