*Runs MySQL benchmark on a new server*
Result: 30 read queries a second.
*Hmm.... that can't be right...."
*Creates simple node benchmark script and runs it*
Result: 400-500 read queries a second.

Wtf mysql...

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    I don't know why everybody uses MySQL when Postgres is so much better...
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    @kpenc Never worked with Postgres tbh. Can you explain what's so much better about postgres? Not saying it being hostile, more as in 'teach me pls' :). (Although I can't suddenly go to Postgres because mysql is heavily incorporated in my current project which already has had more than 300 hours of my programming time xD)
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    Faking the emissions test
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    Db can cache results or even query plan... This makes profiling a little difficult without the right tools.
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    @linuxxx I am starting to use pg for my new projects and "plan" to move older projects eventually
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    @flag0 y tho? (Not trying to be hostile but @linuxxx as well as me are still interested in why you choose Pg over MySQL not for which projects you use it.)
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    @linuxxx PG follows the SQL standards very well and has many advanced features (like table inheritance and advanced data types (multidimensional arrays to name one)). :)
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    @kpenc Thanks! Looked at comparisons yesterday and to me and my current project it doesn't have anything more to offer than mysql (or mariadb for that matter) but thanks for your explanations!
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