Lets just say that Stripe payment gateway or paypal doesn't work in your country, but you have to accept payment through credit/debit cards like martercard/visa and Paypal in your web app or mobile app. How would you do it?

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    N24, Revolut, stuff like dat
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    @petergriffin I mean, if you have to create a new payment gateway like stripe, how would you do that?
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    @Xoka oh ehh... a lot of Legal paperwork?
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    I am pretty sure your country has some other options. Stripe and PayPal are not the only ones.
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    Ask MasterCard and Visa?
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    i wouldnt do it myself. i would always use an gateway for this, because its too dangerous to implement it by myself( even with the psd2)
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    You need to build a relationship with every acquiring bank you want to support (not the same as high street banks, though they too will use an aquiring bank for card processing.) When you have an account with each of them (which they're unlikely to give you unless you're huge and stand to make them a lot of money through transaction fees) you then need to make sure you can communicate with them in the correct format (often different for each one, and certainly for each country) and deal with all the legislative and technological headaches that will cause. Note I'm not talking about a nice rest API in a different format for each one - these are ancient behemoths of APIs that sometimes even require specialist, proprietary hardware to connect to them.

    There's a reason that all payment gateways tend to be big companies with huge budgets. It's not a DIY thing.
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    I work on a payment gateway and while Stripe is a good option if you can get it, if you cannot I'm sure you have other options.

    We work with a bunch of acquirers and we mostly work with Card Present transactions, however since we're already a PCI compliant gateway we've built our own hosted payment page.
    The tech/dev side is by far the smallest and easiest part to get done.

    I've seen some acquirers offer hosted payment pages like Stripe do.
    Try looking up acquirers that offer a hosted payment page in your country.
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    BTW, just asking because I'm kinda confused right now:
    You might be able to buy codes from codecanyon that has everything integrated for you. You might just have to change the client secrets at most.

    And the legal issues in our country, it barely matters. Because it's already a mess. The government is the most corrupt of any country you can imagine. Our country became first in corruption in the whole world ranking for a few years continuously.

    So the question is: if there's no development headache, if there's no legal issues, if there's not a huge cost, should we make our own payment gateway ( just for our apps ) or should we still rely on third party payment gateways?
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    Let's say you have no dev problems, no legal problems and no cost problems.
    You will still need to ensure security.
    Most acquirers won't allow you even to send them payments if they're not from a PCI compliant system.
    You can visit the PCI council website to go through the requirements, there's a lot of them.
    If someone attacks you and steals card numbers, you have a moral issue of could I have prevented this and you have a legal issue of whether it's your fault.
    If you're not PCI compliant, it is legally your fault almost certainly which means large fines should something happen.

    Legally, you have to implement Secure Customer Authentication for the PSD2 (in Europe at least), which means integrating 3DSecure 2 as well which is kind of a pain in and of itself.

    I'd say it's very unlikely it's better to build it yourself. Even if it's a bit of a pain and cost to find an acquirer that can offer you a hosted payment page.
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    @Bikonja your comment answers all my questions regarding this. Thanks man. Really appreciate
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    @Xoka very happy I could help! Feel free to send a message if you have any more questions!
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