There has got to be a vetting option for this shit. The number of green dots asking for easily googleable shit is getting far too annoying and y'all dumbasses answering them in an effort to get upvoted is fucking pathetic.

Google shit, most basic and long term producing ability of anyone in I.T

We are not here to give you pointers, solve homework or teach you shit.

This platform is for pro devs bitching about their workplace.

Tired of mfkers that learn how to hello world and get here

Fuck off.

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    @dfox this shit is really messing up this app/community/website
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    Like a programming test on sign up?
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    The one which made you post this was an April Fool's Joke, I am pretty sure, but yes, it's a problem, and I am pretty sure that appointing some moderators is the solution.
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    Just answer everything with sincere, but unhelpful, comments.

    “How do I add two numbers in JS?”

    let a = 5;
    let b = 7;

    let c = a;

    for (let i = 0; i < b; i++) {


    Won’t take long before they start getting Fs/fired.
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    See current most recent Post for an example.
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    @C0D4 why not? Same question for a selection of mainstream programming languages.
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    totally, "you have three attempts within 10 minutes to write a fizzBuzz under 10lines in the language of your choice. the registration will be validated once the output of your code is."
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    How about having users moderate the community itself? Posts from people with less than 100++ have to go through a triage process, in which 3-5 active members with at least 2-5k++ can choose whether to allow the green dot to post or not.

    Or posting could require at least 100-200++, that should be the easiest way and pretty effective.
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    @AleCx04 really sorry, though you probably know this by now...but that rant where I was asking for help with a fizz buzz style question was an April fools lol sorry if it was a bit late. But then again your rant still makes sense since we’ve had too many actual idiots posting simple shit that they should be able to solve even without google if they have any aptitude for this field whatsoever.
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    @theabbie I saw way too many of those
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    @TeachMeCode Fair enough bro, but I keep seeing things like these from previous days, months, years.
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    @AleCx04 yes keep the rant up bc it’s super legit. Disregarding my joke rant, this is a huge issue besides the annoying meme spam (yes some memes are funny but most aren’t like spongebob laughing at windows users for not using Linux or darth vader saying “join the dark side with dark theme” and other shit)
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    @TeachMeCode I will also apologize for targeting you in an unjust way man, should have read more of your stuff to know that you ain't one of those green dots that i am talking about. sorry for that bud
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    @AleCx04 thanks! Also thanks for having a sense of humor lol. I know that rant sent you over the edge and you’ve been here long enough to absorb trolls who keep shitting in this board or app (whatever the fuck you like to call it). Everyone starts somewhere, I dropped learning redux bc it was hard as hell to understand a while ago but picked it back up, spent hours this week googling, reading articles and feeling stupid as hell but I’m getting it pretty damn well now. Much better than opening a rant asking “plz how do i redux guyz i dont get redux help me” without doing shit on my own beforehand
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    Me: *A new coder excited about code, who happen to get stuck dealing with highly difficult code for my level and needed to vent*
    Me: "I've never been so offended with something I 100% agree with"
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    @nikoniko not sure why you’re offended. This is against new programmers who are too lazy to google when stuck, not against new programmers in general. We were all new at some point
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