I just nailed an online interview for a job that I’ve been trying to get for ages

However, during the interview my dog just would not stop barking. I told the interviewer that I needed just a second to take care of it, and I got up to put my dog in another room.

Although I had a nice dress shirt on to appear professional, I didn’t think it was necessary to put on dress pants since only my upper half would be on screen, I instead opted for a pair of comfortable green athletic shorts and moccasins. I did not realize until after the interview was over that I had accidentally made a fool of myself by showing my entire outfit while walking to my bedroom door. I bet he will have a good laugh with his colleagues about that one.

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    you made me laugh man :D

    btw I don't think your shorts would be a deciding factor
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    At least you had shorts on, could be worse.
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    I did my last interview in a shirt and Pyjama bottoms. Fortunately I didn't have to get up...
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    Username checks out!
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    People couldn’t care less about clothing at this point IMHO. As long as you’re wearing something you’re fine.
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    Did you realize during interview? You could have said, "Today is 'half casual day' in the office."
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    Not a fool at all.
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    I think pretty much everybody works half naked now, and just use the nice shirts for meetings
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    I think you’ll get the job!
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