My now employees were the ones that interviewed me intially when I started workt where I am at.

Their right of the bad question was: "What is your favorite star wars movie, and from the expanded universs which is your favorite character"

We still joke about it. Because even tho I am a fan of the franchise (not much from the latest episodes tbh) I am not on their level of knowledge..... the amount of references they throw at me and the amount of lines these assholes are able to spit on command is, to this day, pretty fucking amazing imo

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    I remember a travel with the Deutsche Bahn... Was on my way to camping.

    3 or 4 guys - not so sure anymore, long time ago

    They were discussing actors... I thought.

    Well. At some time I had to recharge my MP3 player (yeah. Long time ago xD), so I got more of their conversation...

    They were discussing porn actors.

    It was astonishing in two ways:
    - how much they knew about the actors
    - how many films they referenced

    I nearly died laughing my ass off...

    Sentences like ""Her moaning sounded too fake in XY" are ... Confusing. At least to me.

    And german porno titles seem to always rhyme....

    It's crazy when people get addicted to stuff xD
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    It newer was an interview question but unofficially we “knew” that if they had not read “a hitchhikers guide ti the galaxy” they would not last.

    Not that we talked about the book either, it was just statistics. After going through more than a dozen hires the only ones that stayed more than 1-2 months, later was found to have read the book.

    And those who left usually did so because they just did not had the skills required.

    A decade later this was no longer true ;)
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    How long will this take?
    42 what?! Days, weeks months?!
    Who knows..just 42..years probably..

    Boss usually gets it that if the answer is 42 that I have no idea how much shit I'll have to fix to implement what they want..and that he'll get a more acurate estimation once I get a chance to dig through the codebase to see where we're at..
    It's confusing as fuck for people who don't get the reference though, wondering what will I do in 42 yrs..dunno, probably overtake the mars..
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    The answer was always Episode 1 and the best character even from the EU is JarJar Binks! Obviously
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    @IntrusionCM one could say that they were porn connoisseurs! man, imagine how much one needs to watch that sort of stuff in order to actually develop a critical point of view for it
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    @Hazarth ah, I see you are a man of class and taste as well
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