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    Seriously, wtf is with the new "make-everything-in-javascript" thing?

    JavaScript is a terrible language. The type safety, or rather lack of it, gives me nightmares about debugging. The standards are always different. It's way too flexible. Ugh.

    I'm tired of all the awesome services that I'd love to use being centralized over Node and JS. I don't want to use your stupid fucking language. Who does?

    Also what happened to that dart thing that was supposed to replace JS?

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    JS is cool, you're just a scrub.

    Dart is for Java people who are scared of JS, and Mozilla killed it as a potential JS usurper.
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    Use typescript.
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    Use PHP.... c;
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    The reason is in your post. It's flexible.
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    Type safety: you'll just learn and get used to it up to a point where you won't have any issues about type safety.

    All it takes is hands on practice, as with any other language.
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    New?! Where'd you buy your rock that you live under? I want one!
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    I totally agree with you. I really dislike the lack of static typing. Just use TypeScript you say? That only adds to the flexibility and confusion. There is a very good reason why Java is as verbose as it is. It is easy to follow that way.

    And classes in EcmaScript don't make a lot of sense either.

    And lastly, getting transpilers, packagers, test web servers and task runners to work together is a pure nightmare.
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    For me that whole JS/Node framework mess is so overcomplicated that it made the decision to instead just deepen my knowledge in PHP much easier.
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    For some people, people like me, we have no problem understanding and working with all the tooling.

    I'm a former Java dev, and now I prefer plain ES6 or Flow, if I really want types.

    The biggest draw for me is the flexibility and the short amount of time I need to set up my tooling and start getting straight into code. (I know, I know.)
    If you work with anything long enough, it just starts to make sense.
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    I guess JS Will become the future's PHP. Good enough but used in so many wrong ways...
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    I mostly wrote java apps for the past 5 years and recently tried to implement a modular music player using typescript, react and electron. I felt way more comfortable using TS instead of Js
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    === instead ==
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