Why Node.js is better than PHP? I think I'll move to node, but still I'm not sure

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    Better is subjective
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    @liammartens A lot of people say, that node.js is much better, but I don't know why
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    Because they want to force js on everyone and everything.
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    @adampisula its kind of like saying cheese is better than meat. Its subjective and it depends 😂
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    It's more scalable, non-blocking, and with one language you can program front and backend. But if it's better depends on your needs and knowledge.
    It's worth learning, but if you have more xp with PHP and need something done, stick to it and learn Node another time.
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    You have to learn 300 templates and use 9000 other packages in node.js
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    And deal with async bullies pall the time
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    I think they both have their pros and cons really
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