Just became a dad again for the second and third time.

Healthy twin baby girls!!!

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    Sorry about the sleep deprivation.
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    Congrats! I had wished so badly for the twins myself but I have a boy 2 yrs old now.
    In my kin, there are so many twins, my maternal uncles, my cousins, my other cousins, my nephews, and even my childhood friend's sisters. There is something here in my region which causes high twin birth rate.
    But my wife hails from a city 300km from here and she has never heard of twins in her entire kinship. 😁
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    @themissingbrace these are identical twins so it’s not a family hereditary thing. Identical are where one egg splits and it’s just a freak of nature. There are no twins in my family anywhere :)
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    @ngServe I am so envious. Congrats!!
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    Gz, one seed, two flower!?
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    @themissingbrace upgrade the wife?
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    Congrats dude!
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    Grats - and don't forget that they will probably live on this earth longer than you.
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    be well and merry and sleep good at night.

    probably not, but no harm in trying!
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    Congrats and like friends of mine would say "Welcome to the sleepless night club".
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