A girl sets out on a journey in the post apocalypse, to find the reason why the AI that ran humanity vanished decades ago, causing civilization to collapse. Instead she finds the most unusual pair of survivors, and receives the most unexpected answer.

Alice walked in to the ivy covered room, the floors covered in dust and lichen. There were two voices, mumbling in the dark, among the blue glow across the room. She came here for answers. Why the world had just stopped decades ago. If these machines could tell her, she would do anything to make them talk.

"No, no, no. I said before thats not the answer. I read the book. Your memory is bad."

"Atlas, the answer to life, the universe, and everything..why hello?"

Alice raised an eyebrow, and stepped forward. "Ahem. I'm alice."

"yes, yes, we knew that."

"I came here to find out why the blackout happened decades ago."

"Another one? Alright, lets see. Its been a LONG time. I'm apollo, and this is atlas. We were just discussing why my friend here is wrong."

Atlas - I anticipated that.

apollo - I knew you would say that.

alice - Guys. Stop, I just want you to answer my question already.

apollo - Straight to the point. About time.

alice - why the blackout then? Why leave us to die?

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(because it was too long for devrant).

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