Say all you want, the job requires tolerance and ability to stroke some ego. Really demanding hours and maintenance too. I just didn't fit the bill.

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    Imagine having to wax every week and doing your nails again as soon as they chip. And all the makeup... and all the sex work... Really, I think I'm doing ok now but the pay would be good then if I were any good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i just couldn't.
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    @NoMad Well I mean... while I do like my wifey with legs as smooth as mine (though mine are smooth due to a skin issue), the rest I couldn't be arsed less about xD

    Don't care much about whether you do your nails and in all honesty, I tend to like women with no makeup more.
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    @FinlayDaG33k Yeah I think that's why you (or me) aren't the target audience for trophy wives.

    If I had to have one (weird scenario, but OK), I'd probably just "use" her to sip wine and get high with me, without makeup, in sweatpants, and watch the super weird TV shows my GF doesn't like, like Midnight Gospel.

    But then I'd feel uncomfortable if she thinks it's weird as well, and is just pretending to like it because of the trophy cash.
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    @FinlayDaG33k are... "Legs"... the only thing you require as smooth??
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    @FinlayDaG33k oh, also, unless your net worth is in tens of millions, (of a respected enough currency) don't even think of getting a trophy wife.
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    I personally know a trophy wife.
    She is married with a man that seems to truly love her and even lends her his credit card from time to time. They both look happy together. <3
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    @Oktokolo good for her! I mean, she's probably not the best in the field because those do get salaries aside from money for makeup and hair and dresses. They're literally a show-off accessory for some men. Doesn't mean they're treated badly. After all, part of their "work" is to fix the gene pool for most such men and give birth to prettier kids.
    (Although the job does entail being a part time psychotherapist of the said men too, specially at the beginning of the relationship)
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    In that particular relationship it seems to really be about love the most - and to me it looks like he is the counselor for her.

    She is really pretty, kind-hearted, not that bright and has some anxiety issue - and sometimes heavy PMS.
    But he also looks good, is a nice person, in good shape, mantally stable and has a good paying manual labor job which isn't killing him.

    They really are a good match. That relation might last a life time.
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    If I start working out like I did before
    I can become a trophy husband in around 2 years.

    Bonus is that I can at least hold a conversation and am an A+ cuddler
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    @Lyym unfortunately trophy husbands are in very low demand due to lack of equality in, at least, paychecks. Lack of feminist men has its downside. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    But I can do my best :')
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    Bill Gates is available πŸ˜‚
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    @vane you see, I did mention at the last line of the rant, that I'm not fit for the job. You really think I can ever become a trophy wife with my attitude and independence?
    Not every pretty wife is a trophy wife, man! πŸ˜‰
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    @NoMad People change their mind.
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    @vane uhhhh I'm confused.
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    @NoMad Don’t be confused. Be whatever you want to be unless you don’t want to be what you want to be. But if you don’t want to be what you want to be then atleast don’t be what you don’t want to be and be what you want to be.

    Just don’t be confused.

    (“Be” sounds weird now)
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    This site forces me to revert to urban dictionary more often than I care to admit...!
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    @NoMad the bush is cush
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    @jeeper preferences, preferences...
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    I'll be a worse trophy wife than Amber Heard.
    The closest I get to quiet and submissive is when I am asleep.
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    10M of a respectable currency uh ? Seems doable πŸ€”
    It doesn't need to be legally acquired money right ?!
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    @Lyniven not required, but even if I was gonna become a trophy wife, I'd give you a discount cuz you're totes my type. 😏
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    @NoMad Noted sir; that said I'd still prefer you to succeed in what you like
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