Dev: I’m taking a vacation next week

Manager: Good you need a break! I’ve put together a list of tickets for you to action during vacation since you’ll mostly be free during that time

Dev: Do you know what vacation means?

Manager: Well I work during *my* vacation

Dev: You write non-answers to emails and interrupt devs with status questions that are easily answered by a single glance at the kanban board. Also, you’ve just assigned a month’s worth of storyboard points to me on my week long vacation. We’d get more work done if you didn’t “work” during your vacation.

Manager: Well it all needs to get done! It’s the only way we can catch up and get ahead of schedule.

Dev: Why do you exist again?

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    Managers exists to insure your marginal value gets stolen smoothly and redirected to those who really own the world - a bunch of old farts in florida and their pension funds.
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    Is this for real? If so then GTFO. Life's to short to deal with managers who think vacation means "work from somewhere other than the office." Find an employer who'll discipline you for working during a vacation, not the other way around.
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    @AlmondSauce He’s all bark and no bite. I won’t be disciplined for not working during vacation. He’ll just make a bunch of noise about tHe ScHeDuLe and that’ll be the end of it. My skills aren’t quite there yet to get a really good gig and in this case I can manage the manager just fine. It’s just entertaining how commonplace this insanity is.
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    @boombodies also, if he's working during his vacation that's his own personal problem. You do not have to conform to his standards which are not mandated by workplace anyway.
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    @iiii yeah working on your vacation is how you become a manager and that is the last thing I’d ever want. I want to move things forward, not watch things happen and then occasionally get in peoples way so that I feel apart if the team.
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    @boombodies working during vacation is the ultimate way of bailing out your manager. Failure is a lesson and we should not shield a company from hard lessons. Otherwise they think it's our job to do that.
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    First he says you need a break, then gives you tickets lol
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    if (needsBreak) unassignAllTickets()
    if (takingBreak) assignAllTickets()

    Looks like we found the bug
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    Is this some american thing i'm too european to understand ?
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    @ItsNotMyFault As I understand, could also be an Asian thing. Big work culture.
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    At least they let you think you are allowed a vacation. Mine just doesn’t even get approved
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    @ItsNotMyFault As a Brit, I can tell it's not unique to the USA.
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    @bad-practice That sounds illegal, do they not let you take annual leave?
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    I read that vaccination, there must be something wrong with me.
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    Middle management is right up there with advocates in the 7th ring of hell.
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    Garbage collection. What a great tag!
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