Germany trying to fight Covid with digital tools (at least not another app today): registered for a test with QR-Code, Webform and E-Mail. After being tested by friendly people, I received an email that contains a link to a download of a PDF document.

Inside the PDF, a QR code, and a bureaucratic text like during the time of the Prussian emperor: "Bescheinigung über das Vorliegen eines positiven oder negativen Tests (Antigen Schnelltest) zum Nachweis des SARS-CoV-2 Virus".

Okay, we have a national "Corona Warn App" using Google's bluetooth based distancing detection, that also allows to add a test by scanning a QR code.

Scanned the code, got

"QR code is invalid".

Despite the unfriendly UX writing and the unhelpful description, another proof of the state of digitalization in Germany in 2021.

I am not even surprised.

At least my test result is negative.

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    Also they managed to have 2 data leaks in two weeks or so where you could access all test results with attached, names, home address and other shit.
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    Useful tools and bureaucracy?

    Nah, install the tracker, get fined for leaving your house at 22:03 and not having a dog with you, take the vaccine which we probably don't have available anyway, and stop complaining.
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    True. Also, did you hear about Luca? The app is massively fucked, full of exploits and is in use by our government. Imagine what any Script Kiddie could do.
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    That's just what you get when your government and also the opposition is a bunch of useless clowns who just came into power through enough political party asskissing, and most of these parasites have never worked a single day in their life.
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    Germany and IT

    My lil Innocents. Let me tear that sweetness out of your system.

    2015 e.g. started the planning for the migration of the 300_000 clients for government IT only.

    It got postponed - it's estimated end is now 2032. Yeah. 17 years.

    And that's the tip of the iceberg.

    From health to interoperation between countries (federalism) ...

    IT in Germany is: Run mother fucker run.
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    Luca is just aweful. Of course my state jumped on the bandwagon instead of doing research

    But since my phone is incompatible with the Corona WarnApp due to Android 5.1 (because you know, everyone in the country has to have the latest phone) I am speculating it won't be compatible with Luca either.

    *fingers crossed*
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    Reading this makes Belgium really look good all of a sudden.
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    The official App afaik really only works with PCR test labs, not those (commercial) quick test offerings. I believe the QR code within the PDF is meant to verify the authenticity of the PDF / test result.
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    @Maer So did my state, because why not burn a bunch of taxpayer money for something that (by now) is basically a worse version of the free (government funded) official app.
    ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
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    I noticed, when going to Germany, it's the biggest bureaucratic clusterfuck to have ever existed, with such unnecessary things. I can imagine digitalising such a clusterfuck would both be a massive nightmare and result in a massive clusterfuck of its own
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    @Tonnoman0909 absolutely does! bureaucracy + digitization = digital bureaucrazy
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