Ended up on Windows 7 in an office that runs pretty exclusively in OSX. Also, I'm a complete n00b...

Amount of time spent feeling stupid per day: ~97.5% 😔

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    How are you a noob? You got the job and your Google-fu should be better than other people.
    You're no n00b you're a 1337 h4kr
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    They hired me for android development (which they know I hadn't even begun to learn) but half of the time I can't even get the ide to cooperate D: thanks for the encouraging words though :D
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    @Jrakkez mate I do it, if you need advice hit me up happy to help

    Developers are brothers/sisters
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    Why did you bring your own computer to work?!?! Aren't the company supposed to supply that for you?
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    I know the feel. Somehow university computing and real life computing have a very tenuous relationship.
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    Just out of curiosity: Why didn't they provide a Mac for you as well, or was it your preference to stay with Windows?

    Are you the only Android developer in the company though? Otherwise I'd be wondering why there's noone supporting you while getting started. :o

    However - starts might be hard, but you will make it for sure! :)
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    @anon81 When did she say that?
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    I didn't bring my own computer, I got the windows 7 computer becuase it was all they had on hand. The mac they originally planned to give me turned out to be bricked. Also it's a very small company so I am more or less the only android developer. There's a guy that has done it before but not for very long nor did he like it. He's definitely a resource but in no way an expert and is about as lost as I am half of the time.

    I did solve a pretty difficult problem today, though :)
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    @Jrakkez Nice!
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