Git > svn
...Just saying.

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    20 > 13
    Just saying...
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    Apple> Potato > Orange > Spinach
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    @CozyPlanes you're comparing different things.
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    Git >>>> svn
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    @CozyPlanes totally comparing apples and garbage trucks there. GitHub is just a UX on top of Git.
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    @deusprogrammer I don't think so. It's actually an entire system attached with every repo(Issues, wikis, topics, stars, follow, etc).
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    Why are you going from git TO svn?
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    SVN < Oracle, Inc. < -43 < Horse Manure < Proprietary Software < Timezone Compatibility < Semicolon Hide-and-Seek < PHP < MySpace < Death
    Coffee < devRant < Hummus.

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    @cst1992 fair enough, that's what I was getting at. It's a system built around git.
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    Where's the BitBucket love?
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    @runfrodorun yeah it's pretty easy to host your own.. I'm running a git repo off termux on my phone :) but it's all the stuff that wraps it and the underlying infrastructure that you don't see - how do you handle user access/roles, availability, backups, integrating with other tools etc.
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    @runfrodorun yes I could easily host my own... But why would I? Github offers everything I need (and more) as a free service.
    Plus, I love exploring projects on github, it would be sad if everyone kept their project to their little personal server
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    @runfrodorun I agree I used SVN, TFS, Git ... all are fine for my needs, but in the end I had more problems with Git
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    You guys sound so smart...I feel so dumb compare to all of you... I don't even know were to start putting in codes
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