No... like seriously, how do you pronounce Elon Musk child's name?

I think that kid is fucked!

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    There's a pronunciation for it, but I don't remember it. Either way, poor kid.
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    You call it Kyle, As if being Elon's kid wasn't enough that he will get attention everywhere he goes for no reason.
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    We pronounce this as Ron.

    How the fuck does this work?
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    It may be obvious to some but yeah, parents, don't be creative with names. Especially nowadays where having a unique name only means you're easier to identify by every tracker and data collector.

    This is like naming your kid xXx_edgel0rd_xXx but even nerdier. Don't punish them for your mistakes and fuck off.
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    Quit giving free visibility to this megalomaniac
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    @deadlyRants on the other hand having a very generic name is extremely annoying when being in a room with other people means that people have to use some additional specifier for you because there are 3 more people with the same name

    I have one of the mist popular names. I am annoyed. So much that I've adopted my feminine nickname (Irene) as a real life nickname, because even as a female name it is quite rare.
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    @iiii At least you don't have to spell out your first and last name to everyone who asks, only for them to still get it wrong. Sometimes to a point I don't even recognise it as my name.

    Though I'm still lucky it only contains common letters and no hyphen or other symbol. Many online services still run under the assumption every name can be correctly spelled using letters in 7bit ASCII. In that sense Musk's kid will be in a world of pain.
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    I do not give an arse of a rat.
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    Ex Ä-a-twelve Musk
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    @stop Yep, found out it's... Ex-Ash-A-Twelve
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    It will become a nightmare when he won’t be able to sign up on some websites, etc.
    And can even cause depression in backend developers who will find him in the database thinking about a strange sql injection or a bug.
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    Chad. Its gotta be a Chad.
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