I can’t work with 100s of tabs open. It’s not productive at all.

That relief you get after completing your task and closing 100s of tabs? Yeah.. I am fine with 10 tabs.

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    *laughs in 1800 tabs*
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    I always thought that was an exaggeration, wtf
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    I already lose track of 5 tabs, I always wonder how people cope with more than 10 lol
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    @Lucky-Loek TreeStyleTabs is one good way to organize it. That way tabs are a bit like bookmarks but better, because it's all in one unified structure.

    Also Firefox can just handle it so it just grows and grows and every few months or so I go back and close the stuff I'm now sure I don't need anymore.
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    I mostly only have like 3 to 5 tabs open at a time
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    @deadlyRants ah okay, I do have a lot of bookmarks so that's probably the difference then!
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