There is a russian cartoon called Fixiks (“Фиксики”, tiny fixers) which is about tiny creatures that live inside tech and fix it when it breaks without the owner knowing. This is a fun, family-friendly cartoon rated 3+ filled with approachable explanations of how does common tech stuff around us work: TVs, washing machines, etc.

However, there is one weird, super grim episode about one such creature who forgot to leave a TV he was living inside that is being thrown away and ending up on the scrapyard.

Having no choice but to follow his purpose, he becomes obsessive trying to fix an endless amount of broken tech there, with new broken stuff being delivered to that scrapyard every moment. After a while, he completely loses his sanity.

That episode displays what seems like a weird mix of schizophrenia and OCD. Having a psychological trauma he fails to recognize the rescue team of his own kind, attacking them. He loses his ability to talk, resorting to random screams of aggression.

This episode doesn’t really feature even a single explanation of how something works. It just is there somehow among the episodes of a casual, happy cartoon for children.

Needless to say, this is my favorite episode.

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    What the fuck
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    mind f*ck. devrant should make the favorite button more prominent on mobile (it took me a minute to find it, yes don't make fun of it)
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    Masha and the Bear is my 1st in the family watch list and Fixiks is the 3rd ☺️ Guess what gets silver?
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    @vintprox either smeshariki (classic or Pin Code) or more old school kolobki, a complete descent into the psychedelic wonder
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    I like how they are throwing tech stuff into tv shows like that. I watch Story Bots. I saw Snoop Dog explaining how a CPU works. Dude was surrounded with smoke when he came out.

    lmao blaze it fam
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    @kiki Right! It's Smeshariki 😉
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    Masha and the Bear looks better drawn to me.
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    I kinda wanna see this cartoon now… or at least this episode!

    (The episode) Gives an “happy tree friends” vibe
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    Russia sure loves the depressing stuff, looking at you Andrey Tartovski.
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    This sounds scary yet interesting.
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    @vintprox my niece watches Masha and Bear. I like it watching with her.
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    can you send a season and episode?
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