More kiki legs for y’all

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    you gained some weight since last time it seems
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    Don't like it. Buuh. Terrible.

    No knee socks. Heresy.
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    You got a penis or a vagina? (Asking for a friend.)
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    @Cyanide It says femboy in the discription, so he has a bussy.
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    @p100sch with the last picture, i was doubtfull.

    but now im no more.

    women have more fat than men.
    and it shows in this picture. men dont have curves, theyre square shaped

    if you continue the line of the interior of the thighs you dont have room for male genitalia
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    📷📄 *getting ready to report on the shitstorm*
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    @homo-lorens yeah, it has shit all to do with developping or ranting but its a way to vent off steam.

    which i interpret as a group rant.

    and it has to do with developping since venting off steam is common to all walks of life... including devs.

    i vote this is a rant.
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    @bad-frog I was referring to the imminent shitstorm of horny people wondering whether they got horny over someone with their preferred set of genitals combined with people complaining about others' interest in op's genitals.
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    This is not twitter (it also isn't Sparta by the way)!

    P.S.: I would guess on female by the few anatomy shown in the pic.
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    @homo-lorens yeah but see this is the best form of shitposting/trolling BECAUSE of 2020/2021.
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    @homo-lorens say all you like but @demoralizeddev became one of my faves through that same rant. Being decent is a virtue very few have.
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    Hey @MadMadMadMrMim , @kiki is doing them legs again
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    @EpicofGilgamesh yeah I saw.. I didn't feel like getting stuck in this one. thanks for that lol
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    @EpicofGilgamesh ugh wheres the unscubscribe to this rant button on the goddamn browser version ??
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    The print looks like atoms and their electrons interacting.

    This post distinct the lowly pervs from the connoisseurs.

    Haaa, the days of televized aerobics shows...
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    More legs to show!
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    @NeatNerdPrime what did you do? Your feet seem swollen a bit.

    Also, love all the greenery. Is it your office? Or home office? (I can't tell)
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    @NeatNerdPrime yes we get it, you have legs too. Take your upvote and your bipedal-privilege and go. /s
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    @NoMad I'm just fat and don't go out that much for walks. Never been the sports person. It's my home office. My beloved has a lot of passion for plants, we got 89 plants in out house.

    To all the haters, keep hating until you burn up in eternal self hate and loathing.
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