I think no one can notice the difference between L and i

Difference is l and I

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    Small L is longer than capital i
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    Depends on font

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    Wow, you are right. But how a regular eye could see the difference withouth zooming? I can't.
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    I have few fake domains with this trick :D
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    I used to trick everyone with the word "Oil". They thought that I write "Oil" but actually I write "Oii" with the last i is uppercase. No one in my family realize that until I use a case converter.
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    In French, the expression "more of" is "plus de"
    It also means "no more"
    It pronounced differently, but written the exact same way.

    So the L vs I issue is not that bad 😅
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    @react-guy It's also a French problem and the "plus de" is easy when the context is there (well, at least for francophones like myself).
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    Fonts that make them look mostly identical are not dependable. "Dependable" isn't considered everywhere 🤷‍♂️😶
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