Why can't I see much ++d on rants here :(

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    This rant is sandwiched between two of my rants. It’s only you and me now boy. Let’s keep dR afloat!

    (Just kidding. Actually, I have noticed fridays to be like this here. And this is a good sign, in my opinion.)
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    There has always been quiet periods in the (northern) summer. New wave of people will come when schools start.
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    I don't know But thats good.. Otherwise ppl just start posting shit that is on insta or fb for getting more ++

    and devrant be like its business :P
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    Because other half of users are spam bots.
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    You could post delusional shit posts like I do.

    Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.
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    No idea why. Didn't see Root and Rutee a lot.
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    @Ranchonyx Root is here but couldn't find rutee and Jilano
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