How come something works absolutely perfectly in dev but not in prod?
I was making a desktop app in election js and everything is working perfectly. No problem at all. But then I create the installer/distributable and nothing shows on the screen. And out of curiosity, I wanted to see the error log and it shows an unknown error, I didn't even know from what thing the error is being generated. And after I fixed that, another problem came with Asana Api. I mean, if it's a public API, why do you have to block it with cors? I hate cors!
And after all of it, there's more to it. I mean, why can't you just show the errors in dev?

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    Got same error a year back, never got a solution so never used electron since then. I was trying it out.
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    Same thing happened to me (with the electron error). For me at least, the cause was that the index.html file that I was using as the main page for the app wasn’t in the root directory
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    @10Dev isn't that compiled into the prod binary? Im not an js expert but i have seen that in multiple electron apps.
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