Ok Im done. I‘ll quit my job in the upcoming 6 weeks.
I have posted about it in the past. I cant imagine doing a job I hate for longer than absolutely necessary if you don’t have people depend on you.
My job is boring, my position redundant, my colleagues are pretentious and pricks, my boss doesn’t care about my work and I am miserable doing something completely meaningless for company I am sure will not survive the next 12 months.

I have floated out my resume to some companies yesterday evening. Do you guys have any recommendations where to look except the typical job platforms? I would like to either have a interesting position as a Fullstack developer gaining more experience with BE or it must be a job about something meaningful. I have already scanned the jobs on all NGOs but of course they don’t seem to need any software developers.

I am fucking done doing stuff that goes directly to the trash can just because some useless PM had a brain fart. My life is too short to do this shit anymore.

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    Even if linked in is often complained a out, at leas I found my new job there and I get regular inquiries for new positions.

    Most are worthless but anytime a recruiter send a direct query that I am not interested in I decline gently and explain what I would be interested in.

    That indicates that you have some plan which is already above many other applicants ;)

    Also, indicating you have standards seems to spur some of them to try to prove they can find something :)
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    Anyway you can get laid off ?
    Quitting ducks you over
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