Don’t fall for the hype. Software is not only FAANG, ridiculous perks and fancy corporate offices. It’s a job to give you the things you need to pursuit other things.

Just don’t be a salaryman/salarywomen. There is more to life than that.

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    Wrong tag? I also think it's alright to be a salaryman so you can support yourself and family and live your life. Meaning, work for money.
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    Fuck the corpos
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    I think he means "don't be just a salary man", it doesn't have to define you
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    The important thing is to make a decision on what you want to do and when and the state of your career.

    There's a time where you might just want to work stupid long hours for any given reason.

    And a totally reasonable decision later or earlier or never decide that's not for you.
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    @ostream exactly! It’s ok to not love software dev all the time. For some of us its just a job
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    Or you can be a corpo programmer like a good rower on a galley
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    Reject corpo, return to monke
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    Ikr, a lot of dev forums seemed to be full of people obsessed with working at FAANG and the whole time I was thinking, why not work at a decent company that pays well but doesn't stress you much? One should work to live not live to work. Life should be more than that.
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    @N00bPancakes nah that's a dick move, it forces other to do the same stupid hours to stay competitive.

    Your actions have impacts.
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    @ostream it doesn't force anyone to do anything in my experience.
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    Now I really hate the term FAANG *gags*.
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    @bananaerror I prefer the term FAAGN 😉
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    @Root i dont get it D:
    all i can think of is faagn hell!
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    Well but technically speaking FAANGS gives u more of what you need to get more of what you need...
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    Yeah but FAANG doesn't give you anything if you don't live and breath for what they want. So no more time to do what you want
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    @KennyTheBard lol dude I work 48 hours a week MINIMUM in my country so I highly doubt it would be worse in a FAANG.
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    @thirdworld i get your point, but think about it like this:

    > FAANG company so a lot of competition for most available positions
    > long ass application process (some require you to apply for things like internships with almost a year before) with a lot of steps and even worse, a lot of wait time
    > lots of stress until you got the job
    > slim chances to get the job
    > in the end you will be paid good, but not a lot better than your respective country market cuz you know, its a business, if it can get away with paying you less because of localization, they will
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    @KennyTheBard maybe one day I'll manage to go to the first world and then my name will be irrelevant :)
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    @thirdworld i hope you will be able to do it, if you think that will bring you happiness
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    @thirdworld not all third world countries are bad. Switzerland and Austria are quite nice 🤔
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    Be a salaryman while investing and building your own business.
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