I just love how companies would go to any length to motivate you to work more!

As long as it doesn't cost them more than peanuts..

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    That's how free market capitalism works, I guess
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    @iiii I really don't think is a thing related to free market or capitalism

    It's simply the illusion that if you dont pay the workers directly you are saving money. But events cost money, employees that take care of social media and internal work culture have salaries to be paid as well, the time spent in meetings that have nothing to do with you is wasted paytime (not even talking about intrereuptions and getting in the flow times)

    I am only saying that instead of making all of this pretentious fluff, tha company could simply invest back in their workers and let them to do whatever they want with their remaining money and time, instead of being a monolithic waste of time trying to make work into a "lifestyle"
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    @KennyTheBard it is. If they can make people work more for the same pay, they have achieved the more balanced position in supply-demand relation. The only problem is that equilibrium is somewhere in "cheap as fuck" value. People would do a lot to just get food and survive.
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    @iiii No no no, i agree about that!

    I'm only trying to say that in the end, they have more or less the same costs. Instead of paying workers directly, they pay other small things and some positions to "compensate" the workers cheaply, but wasted time still costs.

    Maybe it's cheaper this way, but this definitely doesn't motivate nobody, so it's still just a checked box without any results, so wasted money
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    @KennyTheBard motivation is a myth anyway. Starvation motivates much more than expensive toys.
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    Just give me the damn money you are putting in marketing and I will be motivatd automatically.
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    @Cyanide Exactly my point!
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    @Cyanide without marketing they will get much less money. Marketing driven economy is an absurd circus.
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    Recruiter: "What is the minimum salary you expect?"

    Me: "Depends on how shitty and boring the project is."

    Recruiter: "Give me a range."

    Me: "$$ if it's something actually interesting, $$$$ if it's the standard shitty and boring crap."
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    bonus (which i never did and never will do out loud, but it's an amusing fantasy) :

    Recruiter: "Define interesting."

    Me: "Define the utility of your job."

    Recruiter: * Speechless *

    Me: Yeah, exactly, pretty impossible to put into specific words.
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    @molaram you broke the guy
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    @Midnight-shcode so you did the first one? quite wild i must say
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    Zoe Bee made it very clear to me that such rewards only serve to do the opposite of motivating.
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