"What would your perfect job look like?"

I remember when I got my first 'good' job. There were all these offices that were occupied and I wondered what everyone did in them. Some ... nobody even knew. Like I couldn't find one person in the office who knew what a given person occupying an office even DID...

I thought then (and I kinda think now) it would be fun to have one of those jobs that seems accountable to nobody and everyone at the office wonders:

"What does that guy even do here!?!?!"

Granted I'd probably just come in every day and work on a lot of personal projects (dare to dream) ... with the door closed... in peace...

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    I was doing industrial controls work at a company as an EE. My boss on a project was a mechanical engineer.

    My boss said to me and another EE, "I don't understand what you guys do."

    I responded: "And we endeavor to keep it that way."

    Understandably my boss was not happy with this response.
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    you know, i was at a similar place as an intern during college. And now being a professional (sleeper/ wfh SDE) I would absolutely hate such environment. the company i interned with was a startup of 100+ people working on a tiktok like app. only 15-20 were related to development (FE/BE/ANDROID/IOS) , rest were designers, hr and a whole lot of content creators.

    me being an underconfident introvert never went past 4 people in my 4 month internship: 2 android devs that gav me tasks , 1 ios guy and 1 behavioral something engineer who would just play with games and social media apps all day.And damn some of those cc girls were HOT and cute.

    in my current company its been 10 months nd i am already a significant member of Android team, key member of 1 stream and almost popular in another . I interact with so many different professionals the BE, FE, designers , pm, hell even CTO and CEO.

    just because we are behind the camera and theres no intermediate ass lickers and credit stealers
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    No job 100% passive income that's my perfect job.
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